About Kornflakestew

Welcome to Kornflakestew!

Hi, I’m Alison, creator of Kornflakestew!

I live in a small town in North East England with my partner Tony and our 3 children. I learned how to crochet when my youngest daughter was born in 2010 and I quickly became addicted!

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Where it all began...

I started designing my own patterns and my Etsy shop was born in 2013. Kornflakestew was the name of my Flikr account where I first started posting my crochet creations. I grew a little following so I felt it was onlt natural to keep the name for my Etsy shop.

Stitch Kit – Crochet Mousse

Pattern Design

I also do design work for lots of different companies and magazines, and you can find some examples of my work here. In 2018 my first book, Cutest Crochet Creations was published.

I still can’t believe where my little crafty journey has taken me, I love designing cute little animals and I don’t think I will ever stop!